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Scroll bars Re-engineered

Scroll bars is an effective tool that novices to advanced users use every day without appreciating its effectiveness and usefulness. Various vendors have evolved its design including its position in an application, workflow with gestures and even visibility. Microsoft had … Continue reading

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Bring back my Intellisense window

Intellisense is something that every developer uses consciously or unconsciously. For example, you type a class instance name in visual studio and when you type . (period), intellisense window pops-up showing you various properties, methods etc. for that class.   … Continue reading

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My upcoming talks for Ottawa .NET Community

I will be doing two talks for Ottawa .NET Community.  One of talk is about why hackers like debuggers. You can find about it here. Other session will be about troubleshooting performance problems using PerfView. You can its details here. Mark … Continue reading

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To POCO or to DTO

When creating an Enterprise layered architecture, I always find the discussion about To POCO or To DTO quite interesting. Each of these serve a specific purpose, however, there is a lot of confusions & misconceptions about differentiating between these.  Stackoverflow, MS … Continue reading

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Best Programming Advice Series @ InformIt

As a programmer I am always interested in getting advices from other programmers whether its about processes, improving my skill set, new languages/frameworks, technology trends. There are so many various ways of getting it. Whether its stackoverflow, MS forum, local … Continue reading

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7 minutes of Terror – Engineering at its best

Just amazing and plain mind boggling. Obviously software has a critical piece in this engineering master class. Just watch and enjoy. Until next, happy debugging.

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Software Requirements

My experience regarding product requirement meeting & follow-up meetings is best depicted by this video.

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