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Breaking in code for a specific class instance using Conditional Expressions

Let me describe the problem in hand by presenting a concreate example here. Let’ say we have an Employee class as shown below. Note here that the Salary property is calculated based on certain class instance fields. Here is how … Continue reading

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Function Evaluation within Immediate Windows with No Side Effect

I make quite heavy use of Immediate Window. Its a nice tool within Visual Studio to print variable values, evaluate expressions and even execute statements. However there are times when doing this type of activity changes the state of particular … Continue reading

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Make Your Output Window Less Cluttery

Debug.WriteLine is a handy way to dump some useful information into trace listeners.  When debugging your program in Visual Studio,  you can view these messages in the Output window. However, there is lot more information shown in here that can … Continue reading

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Parallel Stacks – Textual Form

Parallel Stacks is a very handy feature in Visual Studio for debugging multi-threaded applications. I also use this sometimes when investigating dump files for managed applications. It provides a nice graphical view of what various threads are doing in your … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2017 – Reattach to Process

I have been in situations number of times that required troubleshooting certain issues against a running process using “Attach to Process” mechanism. The whole process of bringing up “Attach to Process” dialog, finding the right process and then attaching to … Continue reading

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Creating Process Dump file from Visual Studio

Dump file based troubleshooting and debugging approaches provide effective ways of understanding certain type of issues. I have written tutorial on this subject to little advanced techniques. When it comes to collecting dump file for a process, I am big … Continue reading

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Debugging Multi-threaded applications – Tip 6 of n

I published one more tip on codeproject. This tip is about figuring out what threads are waiting for a particular lock to be release in windbg. You can find it here. Until next, happy debugging.

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