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Scroll bars Re-engineered

Scroll bars is an effective tool that novices to advanced users use every day without appreciating its effectiveness and usefulness. Various vendors have evolved its design including its position in an application, workflow with gestures and even visibility. Microsoft had … Continue reading

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Bring back my Intellisense window

Intellisense is something that every developer uses consciously or unconsciously. For example, you type a class instance name in visual studio and when you type . (period), intellisense window pops-up showing you various properties, methods etc. for that class.   … Continue reading

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Breaking in code for a specific class instance using Conditional Expressions

Let me describe the problem in hand by presenting a concreate example here. Let’ say we have an Employee class as shown below. Note here that the Salary property is calculated based on certain class instance fields. Here is how … Continue reading

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