Visual Studio 2017 – Process Filter option in Attach to Process dialog

Sometimes there are usability features in the UI that seemingly look small but can have bigger impact on the user experience. In my view, one of the usability feature missing in Visual Studio UI for quite some time was about “Attach to Process” dialog. Below is how this dialog looks in Visual Studio 2015.


Attache to a running process is a great feature that I have used on number of occasions. Almost every time I felt that looking for a specific process from this grid was “slow” process as it requires you to scroll through the list.  Guess what, look what we got in Visual Studio 2017.


We have an option for filtering by process name. So if I need to look for all the w3wp process, I just start typing the process name and that’s bring up what I was looking for.


Until next, happy debugging.

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