Productivity Power Tools for VS 2017

Productivity Power Tools is nothing new, many developers are well aware of it and use it for long time. I am certainly among one of them. However, every now and then I come across seasoned developers on Microsoft platform with years of Visual Studio experience who are doing things in old-fashioned way while more efficient mechanisms available such as  Productivity Tools.

With Visual Studio 2017, the tradition for these Productivity Power Tools continue. You can download and download and install it from within Visual Studio 2017. In case you haven’t done it before, simply go the “Extensions and Updates” menu options under Tools as shown below.


At this point, simply search for Productivity Power Tools 2017. Once you find it, simply download and install it.2

A full list of available tasks with these tools is available at its page at Visual Studio marketplace as well as its github page.

Being a keyboard junkie, my personal favourite from Productivity Power Tools is QuickTasks which provides quick access to common tasks via the Quick Launch bar. Just as a reminder, you can find the Quick Launch Bar at the top right corner of Visual Stuio as shown below.


These quick tasks are available by @tasks shortcut.


Below is some tasks that could be performed.


A full list of QuickTasks is available here.

Until next, happy debugging.

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