Visual Studio 2017 – Exception Helper (II)

Another time saving feature in the new Exception Helper dialog in Visual Studio 2017 is about Inner exceptions. In order to elaborate this, let me first introduce you to what happens when an unhandled exception is encountered when debugging code within Visual Studio 2015 (or earlier version). You basically are presented with a dialog showing the type of exception but without why the exception was thrown as shown in image below.

Of course, there is a link for View Detail that can help you getting more details about that exception. However, some times the actual exception is buried deep inside nested Inner Exception as in the example shown below.


The same scenario in Visual Studio 2017 Exception Helper dialog is presented in following manner. Here you can see that there are three inner exception with the inner most one shown at first.


Of course, you can inspect the other two exceptions in this case by left and right navigation arrows as shown in images below.



Until next, happy debugging!!

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