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Get notified when application writes error to event log

Sometimes we have need of getting notifications when our application logs an error in Event Logs.  My recent tip/trick published on codeproject describes how that can be accomplished. Until next, happy debugging. Advertisements

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My article for codeproject

I published an article at codeproject about generating dump files based on a threshold configured for your custom performance counter. Hopefully you will find it useful. You can find it at . Until next, happy debugging.

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Production Debugging video series on channel 9

Channel 9 has posted a 6 part series video about Production debugging. You can find first video here and it conains links for other parts also. These vidoes are hosted by Brad Linscott, who is from Premier field engineering team … Continue reading

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How to findout which part of code is throwing exception.

Recently I had to debug a situation where application was crashing during start-up. This issue was not reproducible so I had to use production debugging techniques to find root cause of problem. At the time of crash, all I was … Continue reading

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