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Why debugging Generics is a little different?

Well I am not going to describe what are generics and how they solve the problem of dealing with classic collections without costing type-safety and performance. I am sure most of you already know it. If not, you can find … Continue reading

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Inspect out of scope Objects

As a C++ programmer I always enjoyed the luxury of accessing objects by using their addresses in memory. However things are quite different when you want to access any object by their memory address in the .NET/C# world. Primary reason … Continue reading

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ProcDump is becoming my favourite tool to generate Process dumps

Depending upon the type of problem and client data centre environment, I have used Task Manager, ADPlus and DebugDiag for generating process dumps. However, lately I have start using ProcDump more and more. Main reasons: Ease of install, no complex … Continue reading

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