ADPlus support for generating crash dump with monitor mode

I recently blogged about how to use ProcDump to generate crash dump of a process in monitoring mode. Today I wanted to talk about how the same could be done with our good old friend ADPlus. It didn’t use to be that easy with earlier versions of ADPlus, however in version 7.0,  ADPlus has introduced a new switch pmn for generating crash dump in monitoring mode. Important to note that pmn switch only works in crash mode. ADPlus documentation describes this switch as follows.

-pmn <ProcessName> Defines a process name to be monitored, ADPlus will keep monitoring if a process with this name starts  and attach

Let’s take a look at an example. With the command below, ADPlus will run in monitor mode for process named Crasher.exe. A Crash dump will be stored in C:\CrashDumps folder.

ADPlus -Crash -pmn Crasher.exe -o C:\CrashDumps

Until next, happy debugging

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