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Your app is memory intensive? There is a way to check available resources.

A few years back I came across following piece of code during code review that got me really puzzled. try { object obj = new object(); } catch { } I couldn’t think of any good reason as to what … Continue reading

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Software Requirements

My experience regarding product requirement meeting & follow-up meetings is best depicted by this video.

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Production Debugging – Limitations & Challenges

Production debugging by analyzing crash dump is quite different than your regular every day visual studio debugging and therefore requires a completely different mindset. Here are the main considerations/limitations that you should always keep in mind when embarking on the route … Continue reading

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Slidedecks for my Prairie Dev Conference sessions

Here are the slide decks for my following 2 sessions at Prairie Dev Conference 1. Debugging Hard to reproduce Production Issues 2. Writing Secure Silverlight Applications by thinking like a Hacker PrairieDevCon2011_KamranBilgrami_DebuggingHardToReproduceIssues PrairieDevCon2011_KamranBilgrami_WritingSecureSilverlightApplicationByThinkingLikeHacker

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Slidedeck for my Techdays 2011 DEV376 Session

Here is the slide-deck for my DEV376 (Debugging hard to re-produce production issues) session for techdays. Techdays2011_DEV376_KamranBilgrami_Final

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Workflow for debugging hang issues

After my “Debugging hard to re-produce production issues” presentation for Techdays and Prairie Developer Conference, I got quite a few emails asking about the workflow I used to solve the problem. Here is the work flow with a word of … Continue reading

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Entering blog world

I meant to start writing these blog posts for long time, but mosty my laziness keep stopped me doing it. Enough is enough. Today I am starting my journey in the blogging world. I will try to blog as frequently … Continue reading

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